This section has a date filter. The dates defined in the filter determine what cohort will be analyzed. For more information, see The date filter and its impact on metrics.

There are three very important figures in the first table, which will change if you change the date filter.

  • New contacts
  • Sales
  • Sales conversion

% of clients contacted in time periods (in minutes)

In this report you can see how many clients are being contacted quickly and how many are waiting (always within a period of time you have selected, for example in the past 7 days).

  • Each column shows the % of clients in relation to their wait time: 0-15 min, 15-30 min...
  • Ideally the columns will all be on the left hand side. (Occasionally clients may end up on the right side because they were generated at night or over the weekend and agents contacted them later).

Agent performance

This table shows general performance data of the advisor: 

  • New customers. 
  • Clients contacted and% of clients contacted successfully. 
  • Average time spoken by client. That data is very important, because if the number is very low, it means that the advisor is calling and hang off. 
  • Scheduled visits
  • Visits made. 
  • Sales

Tracking performance 

This table provides detailed information on the follow-up that the advisors give to the clients. 

  • Reminders: average number of reminders that the advisor creates per client. Ideally, the advisor will mark reminders at the end of a task so that he does not forget to contact the client. 
  • Messages sent: number of messages sent by advisor or group. 
  • Calls made: number of calls sent by agents or group.
  • Archived clients: number of clients archived by agents or group.

Number of shares per hour per consultant

This table shows the number of actions performed by each agent throughout the day. You can filter by agent using the list on the right.

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