This section is essential to understand how and in what time your agents respond to your clients' inquiries. In addition, you will be able to understand how your teams work and which channels generate the most conversations, filtering by origin.

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First response time (median).

This box shows the time between creating a contact and the first response from the advisor. Lets you compare this number with previous periods. This metric estimates the time that the agent is outside of their working hours and it doesn't calculate a bot's response time.

first response time

Response time (median)

This metric shows the response time of the consultant in general, calculating not only the first response but each time the agent answers. This box dismisses the time that the advisor is outside of their business hours and it doesn't calculate a bot's response time.


New Contacts

The total of contacts that have been created, displayed in time periods. This metric can be filtered by origin. This way, you can see which campaigns are performing better.

new contacts

New conversations

Shows the conversations created over a period of time. A contact can have multiple conversations. This metric allows the option to filter the channels through which conversations are initiated.


Closed conversations

Shows the conversations that were closed in a given period of time.

closed conversations


Here you can see the performance of your team by channel and make decisions based on it. You will be able to see the total number of contacts, how many of them were contacted and how many conversations were resolved.

Busiest hours

It is a heat map that shows days and hours in which the greatest number of conversations were created. You can use this metric to better distribute your team's work hours.

Clarification: the information in each table is updated several times a day but doesn't in real-time.

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