The purpose of this section is to provide a real-time overview of what is happening in your operation.

You will see four main graphs:

1.- Waiting contacts

Here you'll find the clients who have not yet been contacted by an agent.
Next to the fishhook icon, you can see the total number of clients who haven't yet been contacted, who are divided into two categories:

Waiting: new clients who haven't yet received any attempt at contact.

Transferred: Clients that have been transferred by an agent to a different group/user, regardless if they’ve been previously contacted.
The client is consider as waiting until is contacted by the agent that received the transfer

The thermometer shows the un-contacted clients, differentiated by color based on wait time.

2.- First Response Time (Median)

First Response Time (median): This graphic shows the median time it takes to the team to answer a new client

New Contacts: This graphic shows the new contacts registered for the first time in Sirena

Live activities

This screen shows agents' actions in real time. The list shows the details of the action, the date, and the name of the agent. As a user administrator, you can click to see the entire conversation


This board shows the summary of the agent’s activities. If the agent doesn’t perform any action (sending a message, closing a client, adding a note, etc.) he’s considered as inactive.
This board doesn’t show the last activity for connection (being inside Sirena) but for action.

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