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How to download information as a spreadsheet
How to download information as a spreadsheet
Zenvia Conversion facilitates converting tables to downloadable spreadsheets.
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In Zenvia Conversion you can download the information from our Reports, Activities and Contacts panels in CSV spreadsheets.

In the upper bar from the Contact Panel you will find different filters to get the view of the document you need:

Select the columns that you want to incorporate in your report by clicking in the following button:

You can add valuable information to the report you want to generate, such as phone, email, label, source group, and much more!

Once you have identified the information that you would like to download (you can select up to 16 columns at a time), press "Save" and then, click in the download option that is located in the upper right corner:

That's it! The document will be saved to your computer in CSV format.

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