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How can I call clients in Zenvia Conversion?
How can I call clients in Zenvia Conversion?

Defines whether users can make calls from the desktop version or home phone

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You can initiate contact with clients directly from your computer. However, the call should be completed on your phone.

1 - Go to Zenvia Conversion > Conversations and select the client you'd like to call.

2 - Click the call button, located in the upper right of the conversation screen:

3 - Once the call is complete, it registers the interaction in Zenvia Conversion, informing if it was possible to communicate with the client or not:

Note: If Zenvia Conversionis open on your phone the call will be made automatically, if not, you will receive a notification to start the call.

Is it possible to make calls from a personal phone?

You can define if users can contact customers through a private phone not integrated to Zenvia Conversion.

The disadvantage of this method is that Zenvia Conversion will not be able to track the call, so you will not be able to evaluate whether the call was effective.

By default, this functionality is disabled, but you can enable it whenever you want from your profile, selecting the "Dial from the computer" option:

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