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Arrival Groups and Assigned Groups
Arrival Groups and Assigned Groups

Understand how to verify the initial location of contacts in Zenvia Conversion

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Arrival Group

The group that a prospect arrives at when they are initially registered is call their "Arrival Group". For prospects created via integrations with leads channels, the various distribution strategies configured by each channel will determine the Arrival Group.

For prospects uploaded manually through Zenvia Conversion, the Arrival Group will be the group of the user who uploaded the prospect

Assigned Group

All prospects are assigned to a group:

  • When the prospect is created, the Assigned Group is the Arrival Group (as mentioned above)

  • When a salesperson takes on a prospect, the prospect is assigned to the salesperson's group

  • When a prospect is transferred, they are reassigned to the group of the salesperson receiving them

When we talk about a prospect's zone, we mean the zone that their Assigned Group is part of.

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