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What’s the difference between lead and prospect?
What’s the difference between lead and prospect?

Understand the difference between lead and contact within Zenvia Conversion

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What is a lead?

In Zenvia Conversion, a lead can be understood as pieces of information (contact data) from a potential customer, which allows a salesperson to get in touch, but to be useful, this information must include:

  • Contact details of the interested party (name, phone, email...)

  • Product or service of interest (depending on the sector the company belongs to)

With these initial data, the salesperson will be able to later contact these leads through Zenvia Conversion. Once contacted, that lead becomes a contact.

What is a contact?

A contact or potential client was a lead who, at some point in time, provided some contact information for your company. From the moment this lead is registered and contacted, it becomes a contact.

There are two ways for a contact to be registered with Zenvia Conversion:

  • Through a lead, usually acquired via a marketing channel

  • Manually by an agent, using Zenvia Conversion

Zenvia Conversion can detect and unify duplicate leads into one prospect, understand how in this article.

Note: It is important to understand that not all leads will produce new contacts.

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