An important section of the Sirena API was built to notify other systems when certain events occur within the Sirena platform.

The API notifies other systems via a request HTTP POST at a registered URL, and sends information related to the event within the body. This technique is generally known as Webhook.

Currently, the events (known as Topics) that can be reported to a registered URL are:

  • When a prospect is created in Sirena (via receiving and validating a lead)

  • When a quote is updated or its status is modified

  • When an agent completes an interaction.

Registering and using notifications

Once you have the API key to access the Sirena API, you can register a new subscription to certain events (topics) and you will be able to specify a URL at which you would like to be notified (callbackURL). You can do all this directly from the Notifications section of the API.

Once you have subscribed, every time an event (Topic) occurs within the platform, Sirena will notify the callback URL you registered via a request HTTP POST.

You can review or delete the available subscriptions at any time, directly via the Notifications API.

Remember that in order to access the API you will need an API Key. You can find out how to get one by going to API Keys and Authentication.

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