The Sirena API is divided into three sections related to different concepts within the platform:

  • Leads

  • Prospects

  • Notifications (WebHooks)

These concepts are more precise than those you will see in the mobile app, which is a simplified view, focused on the work of an agent.

To use the API, you'll need an API Key with access to one or more of these sections and manage its associated concepts.


In Sirena, a lead is a piece of information  that allows a salesperson to contact a potential client. To be useful, this information should include:

  • Contact information 

  • Product or service the potential client is interested in, according to the industry your business is related to.

This section of the API allows you to provide leads to agents or groups of agents, as appropriate. Agents can then take over these leads and contact clients using Siren'a mobile app.

Prospects 👩🏻‍💻
A prospect or potential client  can be registered in Sirena in two ways:

  • From a lead, generally acquired through a marketing channel.

  • Manually by an agent using the app.

It is important to understand that not all leads produce new prospects. Sirena can detect duplicate leads, registering and merging multiple leads as one prospect.

This section of the API allows you to access a database of prospects, check their status, the details of their interactions with agents, and also to eliminate prospect who re invalid. 

Notifications (WebHooks) 🔔
Notifications or WebHooks allow you to create or configure integrations which subscribe you to certain events in Sirena. When one of these events occurs, a HTTP POST will be made to a URL configured to notify you.

This section of the API allows you to subscribe to one or more topics, channels through which Sirena will notify you of various events.

For more information, see Notificaciones & WebHooks.
We recommend continuing with API Keys and Authentication.

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