📖 The Sirena API ( https://api.getsirena.com/docs/) allows you to create connections between Sirena and other systems to customize, improve, and broaden the advantages your business gains from the service.

Once you have the access code (API key), the API will allow you to:

  • Provide information about potential clients (leads) to agents and groups of agents via the mobile app.

  • Access the database of clients (prospects) store in Sirena.

  • Subscribe and be notified when the following events occur in Sirena:

-An agent registers an interaction with a client in the mobile app.
-A new client is registered in Sirena from any channel.
-A client's status changes.

And much more...

To begin learning about the Sirena API, we recommend you continue with General Concepts.

API References: https://api.getsirena.com/docs/

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