This email format, designed by Sirena, is intended to simplify the app's connection with other systems, which is able to work with an email type that is very simple to construct.

Keep in mind that Sirena prioritizes resolving bugs that occur in this format, so we recommend using it whenever possible.

How can I check whether my email format is correct?

Sirena has an email address that you can send test emails to:

We'll explain how to send emails to this address below

  • Email subject

Should be one of the following:

  • Sirena - Email Estándar

  • Sirena - Standard Email

  • Sirena - Email Padrão

IMPORTANT: make sure the subject does NOT include "FWD" if you are forwarding the email.

  • Email body

The body of the email should not include HTML. It must be plain text and needs to comply with the following 3 requirements:

  1. The content of the email should contain only text and must be structured in a "field: value" format.

  2. Each field should be separated by a line break.

  3. The names of the fields should match the fields in the following tables:

IMPORTANT: Mails of the type or, among other fictitious ones, cannot be taken. Here you will see a list of emails that will not be considered.

Optional fields for all email types

Non-Standard Optional Fields

If you'd like to add other non-standard fields not covered in the section above, you can add them to the Comments fields, separated by | and replacing : with > or ->

For example, if you want to add the fields:
Health Plan and Age
The comments field should be formatted as follows:

Comments: I want to find out about the price of treatment | Health Plan -> Health Premium | Age -> 28

Extra Optional Fields by Industry

Below we illustrate several optional fields that you can add to an email according to the industry of each lead. The possible industries are:

  • Car 

  • Retail

  • savingPlan (Savings Plans)

  • insurance

  • realEstate



Savings Plan (savingPlan)

IMPORTANT: the real estate industry doesn't require specialized fields.

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