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How to integrate leads coming from email with Zenvia Conversion
How to integrate leads coming from email with Zenvia Conversion

Emails from platforms, Molusco Format, and customized emails

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Most of the channels generate contact information that is processed via email, these can be company page forms, landing pages, email campaigns, Google Adwords, external providers.

For this to occur, the emails must be re-sent to a unique and specific inbox for each channel or access point. This way, Zenvia Conversion can identify the source of each potential client.

Once an email is received, Zenvia Conversion extracts the client's contact information from the body of the email, creates a new lead (client) and distributes it using the rules defined by the business. 

IMPORTANT: emails are retained for one year after they are received.

Zenvia Conversion is able to process 3 types of email:

  • Emails from platforms (MarketPLaces, Lead Generation, etc.):

Zenvia Conversion easily connects to all major lead lead-generation services on the market. It can process and extract information from the classic email format from each platform.

You can get more information about managing platforms in this section.

  • Emails in Molusco Format® (Zenvia Conversion's standard format):

Emails in Molusco Format® (Zenvia Conversion's standard format) are processed directly and much more quickly, without any integration problems. We recommend using this type of email because it ensures that Zenvia Conversion and the business are speaking a common language and all the client's information can be extracted without any problems.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that resolving any errors and minimizing response time for emails in this format are the highest priority for Zenvia Conversion. We recommend using this method whenever possible.

  • Emails customized for each business:

Zenvia Conversion can also process emails that have been personalized or customized for your business. This method isn't recommended and is only used in cases when the emails can't be adapted to a standard format.

How the email address of the email integration is generated?

If you want to receive leads via forms on your website or platforms, you can create an email integration.

To do this, access the "Apps" tab and click the "+" button to add a new integration:

If you're trying to integrate a platform, make sure the app you want to add is on this list of native integrations for lead entry.

You can also search directly by platform name in the magnifying glass at the top of the page:

If you can't find the native app, you can create an integration via incoming email by choosing one of the options under Lead sources via email:

When choosing one of the options, the integration will be created automatically and next to it, a self-generated email address will be created, composed as follows:

[Account Name] - [Last six digits of Account ID] - [Two random words] @leads

Possible errors:

Leads are being sent to Zenvia Conversion but no contacts are created:

  • Make sure the email is in the correct format, Molusco Format or Parser (custom email parsed by Zenvia Conversion).

The format is correct but the leads are not coming in:

  • Make sure the integration is assigned to a group where there is at least one user available to receive new leads.


  • The generated email cannot be edited or changed. Once a new email integration is created, unless saved beforehand, the two words will be randomly changed at the end of the email address. To avoid this, make sure you save the integration correctly.

  • This email address leads to a Zenvia Conversion inbox. As soon as the email correctly arrives in our inbox, the lead will be automatically created with the information received (name, email, message, etc).

  • The email must be registered in the forms or website to receive the leads that must enter through this integration.

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