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What are quick responses and how to create them?
What are quick responses and how to create them?

Create and edit customizable responses for your agents

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Quick replies are responses that each user or group can create to speed up the sending of frequently used messages (except for cases of first contact and re-contact, where templates must be used).

Create your own response:

1 - Go to Settings > My Profile and in the "Quick Replies" section click "Manage":

A window will open where you can see responses you have created and can create a new one or delete any of the ones that do not interest you.

2 - Press "Create Quick Responses" to generate a new response for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or E-mail (in which case you will need to add a subject line).

You can also add auto-filled customized information such as your name, the client's name, or a quote.

Click "Save" to create the response, which can be used whenever you want.

How to create and edit quick replies for your groups

1 - Go to Groups&Users and press the quick reply icon, which you'll see on the right of the screen:

2 - Click on "Create Quick Responses" and add a title to the template, write the message, and a custom field, in which case you need it:

3 - Press "Save" and you're done! Your agents can use this quick reply whenever they want.

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