Sirena allows you to assign different attributes to clients who use the platform.

Closing Reasons

They allow to define a reason why the client won’t require further follow-up
This can happen, for example, when a client is not interested in our products, or when the client’s service process ended

Default options:

- Blocked

- Wrong info

- Waiting for reminder

- Waiting for reply

- Not interested

- Without contact information

- Converted

- Out of stock

These closing reasons cannot be edited or deleted

To archive a contact, you must click on the file icon that appears at the top of the conversation.

If you are an administrator user, you’re able to see the closing reasons in the “Clients” section and you can also filter by one or multiple values


They allow to classify the clients so it’s easier to identify them within the data base. Plus, they’re useful to group clients with the same tag and act on that particular group

Default options:

- Hot

- Warm

- Cold

These labels cannot be edited or deleted

To label a contact, you must click the plus (+) symbol in the left side of the typing bar, then click on Label, and finally select the label you wish to add and save changes

As an administrator user, you can see the tags in the “Clients” section and even filter clients by tag

If you wish to add any custom closing reason or tag, you can do so by sending us an email at and we’ll be happy to help you with that

However, this is exclusively available to PRO Plans

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